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- Introduction -

This is a music based website where you will find mainly Bengali Songs for online free listening.

All songs are written by Imtiaz Ikram an authorized Lyricist of Bangladesh Radio and Television since 1987.

These songs are played and composed by various singers and composers as described in the individual track. Most of the songs are created as an experimental basis with demi vocal & raw music to keep record of the basic tune of the song.

Few more songs are also available- lyrics of which written by some other lyricist as indicated there.

Just click any  link  to listen the available song and the related description as well.

Thanks for visiting this site.

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... B e i n g  U p d a t e d ...

..... bd song can be remixed or recomposed with own style of music & voice- keeping the wordings of lyrics and lyricist's name (Imtiaz Ikram) unchanged....

       A r t i s t s :

       Hasan - ARK
       Bappa Mujamder
       Khalid - Chimes
       Tipu - Obscure
       Naseem Ali Khan
       Jewel Pantha
       Suman Kalyan
       Julfiker Johnny
       Maruf Hasan RReal
       Rony - Sustain
       Jewel - Orchid
       Tariq Al Hasan Raihan
       Atiq Hassan
       Atik Rahman
       Iqbal - Spark
       Salma Sultana Rony
       Moinuddin Ahmed
       Ali Akbar
       Abdul Baset Hero

       A r t i s t s :

       Saifuddin Mhmd Khan
       Uttam Datt
       Shantanu Bishwas
       Mrinal Bhattacharjja
       Joyanti Lala
       Ashish Mujamder
       Abdul Mannan Rana
       Kaiserul Alam
       Fahmida Rahman
       Shoma Nazneen
       Ayubul Alam
       Nawshad Babu
       Rajesree Acharjee
       Sheuli Mala
       Toha - UK
       Iqbal Pintu
       Moon Chy Ansar
       Bashar Shikder
       Amir Nawaz Baba
       Alauddin Taher
       Blue Birds
       Shefali Ghosh
       Sharmila Barua
       Poli Sharmin
       Nila Naznin
       Papia Ahmed